Many of my projects (both silly personal stuff and actual client-related work) have gotten press coverage. Here's where I keep track of it, so my fragile ego can be periodically shored up.

Dracula Daily

A goofy project that emails you the book Dracula in 'real time', on the days it happens to the characters. It got called 'probably the most delightful thing on the internet right now', 'the coolest book club on the internet', and has its own Know Your Meme explainer page.


For Odradek Records

Neumz is a giant Gregorian Chant project, with an actual marketing budget. It's gotten a lot of press!

Trajan Sucks

A small site and tshirt project protesting a font change on the University of Kansas basketball uniforms. The money quote came from the Athletics Director: when asked about it by a sports journalist, he said: "I have real problems."

  • ESPN | archived
  • Sports Illustrated | archived
  • Fox Sports | archived
  • KU Alumni Association | archived
  • Higher Ed Marketing Journal | archived
  • Brains on Fire | archived


A web and mobile app for a client: PaceDJ lets you build exercise playlists that match a target BPM. It'll even subtly shift the speed of your music to fit your desired pace.

Proposition Party

Grassroots movement to host community-driven parties where Californians can research ballot propositions and present research to their friends.

I designed a financial literacy portal for the state of Kansas.

In Vestimentis Ursum

Robots Revealed! There are robots hiding beneath the fluff.