Personal Projects

I love weird side projects.
A little inspiration, late hours, coffee and whisky, and a new side project gets added to the list.

Dumb Cuneiform


You can send me your dumb tweets and I'll inscribe them into a clay tablet and send it to you in the mail. Really, I will. I'll even transliterate it into Old Persian cuneiform.

The oldest written messages from humans are utterly banal: receipts, accounts, nagging and beefs. I loved reading some translations of ancient cuneiform tablets and I thought: this is just like Twitter.

The project got a good bump of press when it launched - dozens of articles, The New York Times, a public radio interview in Canada, and a million tweets.

Dead Under House

Dead Under House

Dead Under House

The Charles Williams Library

You've probably never heard of him

I designed and published really nice copies of semi-obscure books.

As an outgrowth of my involvement with the Charles Williams Society, I got funding to design and print collector's hardback editions of Williams novels. They're really great, despite their esoteric reputation.

The books-as-objects themselves are fun: they're exactly the version I always wanted to buy but never existed.

CW Library Books

CW Library

CW Library

CW Library

Proposition Party

It was a different time

In 2008 some friends and I started a series of parties that examined the California ballot propositions. We made a site to share this good idea for other elections since. After 2016's results, however, it seems like maybe our efforts should have been spent elsewhere.

Proposition Party

Proposition PartyProposition Party

Proposition Party

The Charles Williams Society

Promoting the Third Inkling

The Charles Williams Society is an incredible group of scholars, readers, clergy and fans that supports an overlooked author. I helped with our website and eventually joined the board. Williams himself was literary friends with C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, and wrote novels, poetry, plays and more.

I managed the website for a while, got to visit the society in Oxford a few times, and now run an infrequently-updated newsletter and an occasional book series.

The Charles Williams Society

The Lost Kingdom of John

Never heard of 'em

I spent a few years fixated on a historical figure that never existed and everyone forgot about: Prester John, King of the Indies. He's mentioned in Shakespeare and Maro Polo, but somehow we've collectively forgotten about him.

I ended up giving a few talks on the man, which included doing some extremely overwrought slide designs

Prester John 1

So who were Prester John's people?

The lesson: you can't see it until you see it

History, man.

Samuel Johnson Essays

dead man blogging

Samuel Johnson wrote some killer blog posts 260 years ago, but he published them in a newspaper. I helped him do it right this time.

This project time-shifted hundreds of essays, and ran over a six-year time span. I wrote a summary of the experience here, but you can read for yourself. It's used now as a reference by a few college courses, which seems weird.

Samuel Johnson's Essays

The Westminster Shorter Catechism


A while back, I was trying to get my head around the Westminster Shorter Catechism, a series of theological questions-and-answers. I tried my hand at designing my way thru the series, with mixed success.

It was also an excuse to rip off some Sagmeister.

Westminster Catechism

Westminster Catechism

Westminster Catechism

Westminster Catechism

In Vestimentis Ursum

wolves in bear's clothing

When I first became a 'professional' product designer, I was very interested in the mechanical workings inside those articulated stuffed animals that can sing and dance. So I took some apart.

The resulting little microsite, which got a lot of coverage at the time, ranges from 'Huh' to 'OK, a little weird,' to 'NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE.'

Sure, maybe a bit creepy

OK, that's unsettling


Ex Unum Pluribus!

Designing a better nation-state

It's more obvious than ever that our country would be better off if we split the union into smaller, more functional nations. Ex Unum, Pluribus! is my grassroots movement to do just that. I started the site in 2004 and people are STILL submitting proposals.

You can peruse maps that others have proposed, or you can download a template to carve up the US.

Ex Unum, Pluribus!

Ex Unum, Pluribus!

Ex Unum, Pluribus!