Thanks for making Goragoa.

I'm not a video game player. But I'm online enough that I am a little video-game-adjacent, and I definitely hear about big AAA games, and when I see some indie game that people rave about, I often have tried to play them. I don't really have the patience for puzzles or the coordination to grind through anything that requires a lot of battle. But I see enough to know that I'm missing out on a whole world of creative output, and I'm always a little jealous.

For what it's worth, I know that 'I usually hate Category X but I loved Y of X' is not a good compliment structure. I'm trying to say: I'm attracted to video games. I just don't play much.

BUT: after keeping our kids away from video games for their early childhood, we got a Switch a few years back. One of the first games we played together was Goragoa - and it's SO GREAT.

We played as an entire family - all around the same screen, with my very patient son serving as our pilot, handling the actual controls. The rest of the family watched, and tried to collaboratively solve the puzzles. It was such a great experience!

The artwork is a masterpiece, the puzzles are so charming. I walked away from that night thinking: WHO MADE THIS, and HOW DO I TELL THEM THANK YOU? At the time I thnk I dug up your dormant twitter account and fired off a DM. I think I gave up there, though.

So: thanks. Thank you for the generous effort you put into this game, and the beautiful moment I got to share with my family.

March 4, 2024


This is Matt Kirkland's corrective project for 2024: learn how to write thank you notes.