The Erika Kirkland Museum of Found Objects

My wife Erika is planning to start a Museum of Found Objects. Polaroids, hubcaps, and whole galleries devoted to those lone shoes you see on the side of the highway. We're starting with coins.

There are very strict rules for found money - it must be found outside our home, and completely unidentified. Each year's found money is kept in a unique container. Most importantly, it must never, ever, be spent.


2007 was a thin year - there are so many people on the streets of Hong Kong, lost change doesn't stay lost for long.

2006 includes some Hong Kong coinage, as well as a giant plastic token for one free hotdog at a defunct St. Louis diner.

2005 continued the trend - notable finds include a $20 bill and some nice change in Pounds Sterling.

We started in 2004. Not a bad haul!