Syllabus v3.0 20210127

ADS 560 / VISC 525, Designing Digital Products, Spring 2021
Tuesday / Thursday @ 3:20-5:50pm
Matt Kirkland / / Zoom Link

Week 8

March 23 / 25

Desk Reservations Work

We discussed responsive design approaches, and moved forward with concepting out the reservation process.


    For Tuesday March 30 by 8am:
  • Reading Assignment. Write your response to the Paul Graham essay. And a context reminder: you don't have to bring a startup idea to your niche project. But I want you to think about actual user needs, rather than imaginary use cases.
    No class meetings March 30 / April 1. So during your week off, DUE on your site by April 6:
  • Keep moving forward on your reservations designs. You can work through the same steps we practiced in the Inventory project:
    • Wireframe out a prototype
    • Test it out with people
    • Fix it based on what you saw users struggle with
    • If you have time: ~start~ layering and adjusting your brand styling