Syllabus v3.0 20210127

ADS 560 / VISC 525, Designing Digital Products, Spring 2021
Tuesday / Thursday @ 3:20-5:50pm
Matt Kirkland / / Zoom Link

Week 2

February 9 / 11

Inventory Concepts

This week we looked at initial concepts or a UX around inventory-taking. We got some Minimum Viable user feedback, and we iterated from there.



    For Tuesday February 16 by 8am:
  • Based on the user feedback you got this week, make some improvements! Try to make a full set of sketches that cover the user stories we've laid out. Remember, these can still be loose - and we don't need to have every possible interaction covered. Just get enough concepts to cover the user stories!
  • Reading Assignment. Write your response to the Chimero article. Make sure these are dated and reverse chron, please!