Syllabus v3.0 20210127

ADS 560 / VISC 525, Designing Digital Products, Spring 2021
Tuesday / Thursday @ 3:20-5:50pm
Matt Kirkland / / Zoom Link

Week 1

February 2 / 4

Let's Get Started

Here's what we'll cover the first week!

  • Intro
  • Who are you? Who is Matt?
  • Course Format / Syllabus Review
  • Keeping a course website
  • Crash Course / refresher on Two Design Toolkits
  • Teach an Old Person
  • Kick off Inventory Project
  • Reading between the lines of the project brief for requirements
  • User Stories



    For Tuesday February 9 at 8AM central time: Start adding content to your site!
  • Make a section for readings. Write your response to the Minor talk. Make sure these are dated and reverse chron, please!
  • Make a separate section for the Inventory project!
  • Choose your coffee brand. Collect some brand assets and any references like 'here's their logo, they use X colors, packaging looks like this, the vibe is generally X,'