ADS 300, UX Design Methods, Spring 2022
Tuesday / Thursday @ 4:00-5:15pm
Marvin 216B
Matt Kirkland /

Week 7

Mar 1 / 3

How do I define the vision for a new design?


You've done some initial research, you've got your head around the problem: now let's start defining the future.

These table-setting methods are useful to start crystallizing your research and fuzzy ideas into a firmer shape. You can have a more coherent target before you just start shooting sketches from the hip.

Another good reason to use these methods: design doesn't happen in a vacuum. For large enough design projects, there are often intermediate 'table-setting' deliverables that you'll need to complete for a client or with your own team, to align visions or get buy-in about what you'll be making together.

    We're going to cover:
  • Personas - Who are the people that will use this?
  • User Stories - Defining the individual tasks a user can accomplish
  • Storyboard - Figure out what happens when!
  • Swimlane (again!) - Understand the multistep, multistakeholder process that your new thing will follow.
  • Moodboards* - Get your head around the feeeeeeel of the new design
    (NOTE: don't try a moodboard this week, I think this is too easy)
  • Pitch Deck - Get your head around the purpose and benefits of your new solution
  • Commercial / Cover Story - Get your head around the purpose and benefits of your new solution



    For Thursday Mar 3:
  • Read the assigned text, be ready for a TinyQuiz
    For Tuesday Mar 8 by 8am, as always!:
  • Choose a version of vision-defining methods above (except moodboards, those are too easy). You should be back on familiar ground now, you're honing in on new design work.
  • Remember to choose a method above because it will help you answer questions you have about your project, not because it sounds easy!
  • Submit your report about what you did, what you learned, etc, via the google form link as usual.