ADS 300, UX Design Methods, Spring 2022
Tuesday / Thursday @ 4:00-5:15pm
Marvin 216B
Matt Kirkland /

Week 4

February 8 /10

How do I research users? And why?

We'll cover: Intro to design research. Why do designers research? what kinds of things qualify as research?

Ethnographic Research

This week we'll focus on a subset of research methods: ethnographic research. Find out what your users do now! We'll do a light touch overview of ethnographic research models. We'll cover:

  • popular media scan
  • literature / niche reading
  • interest groups
  • field study
  • contextual inquiry
  • desirepath/postit/annotations
  • diary studies
  • interviews
  • SME interview



    For Thursday February 10 :
  • Watch the Erika Hall design research video
    For Tuesday February 15 by 8am, as always!:
  • Choose a flavor of ethnographic research; do it and report findings in your workbench report. Remember: you are trying to find out how people solve the problem, or use the thing, right now - before you do any new design work.
  • Submit your report about what you did, what you learned, etc, via the google form link as usual.