ADS 300, UX Design Methods, Spring 2022
Tuesday / Thursday @ 4:00-5:15pm
Marvin 216B
Matt Kirkland /

Week 10

March 29 / 31

How do I make it closer to the real thing?

Higher-fidelity Prototypes

So far: you've started a low-fi version of your thing, you've dabbled in testing it out. Now we loop back to the second round of an iterative design cycle, and refine the prototype work. Let's make it higher-fidelity, which means closer to reality.



    For Thursday Mar 31:
  • Read the assigned text, be ready for a TinyQuiz
    For Tuesday Apr 11 by 8am, as always!:
  • Figure out your QUESTION: what do you want to determine in your design next?
  • Make a higher-fidelity prototype to answer those questions. Use FIGMA. You should have a tappable prototype that covers some specific use case. It doesn't have to be a final design, you can use figma to work with wireframes or loose sketches too. It doesn't need to be pixel-perfect. But think about making it higher-fidelity: closer to the real thing.
  • Submit your report about what you did, what you learned, etc, via the google form link as usual.
  • REMEMBER we don't have class next week, April 5 and 7!