ADS 300, UX Design Methods, Spring 2022
Tuesday / Thursday @ 4:00-5:15pm
Marvin 216B
Matt Kirkland /


Each week I'll assign a 'text' for you. This might be an actual text to read, but it could also be a video, podcast episode, etc.

Each week we'll also have a quiz over this text! Remember, these quizzes aren't meant to be very challenging - my idea is that if you just actually engage with the text, the answers will be easy.

Week Quiz on Thing you should read
1 Jan 20, 2022 Jesse James Garret's Elements of User Experience Chapter 2
2 Jan 27, 2022 High-level overview of Don Norman,
and this 99pi overview of Norman Doors
3 Feb 3, 2022 Sara Hendren talk
4 Feb 10, 2022 Erika Hall design research video
5 Feb 17, 2022 We lost this week to illness and snow! No text assigned.
6 Feb 22, 2022 Skipping this week. A few helpful links on the week 5 & 6 pages though!
7 Mar 3, 2022 Why Life Can’t Be Simpler
8 Mar 10, 2022 What are Wireframes? AND
Wireframing Mobile Applications
9 Mar 24, 2022 A Guide to the Art of Guerrilla UX Testing
10 Mar 31, 2022 Jesse Showalter's intro to Figma
11 Apr 14, 2022 No assigned reading this week. Use the time to start planning a higher-fidelity user test!
12 Apr 21, 2022 Please read BOTH: A good overview on A/B tests AND
Summary of 'How to Lie with Statistics'
13 Apr 28, 2022 The Designer’s Guide to Lean and Agile UX