I've got a serious addiction to side projects. Mix equal parts inspiration, late hours, coffee and whisky, and a new side project gets added to the list.

The Charles Williams Library

I designed and published really nice copies of semi-obscure books.

Dumb Cuneiform


The Charles Williams Society

I'm on the board of the Charles Williams Society, a literary group that promotes one very strange author.

The Centuries

"Centuries of Meditations" is one of my favorite books. It's a classic text that's best served in small chunks - So obviously, I started a tumblr.

The Lost History of Prester John

Presentation slides from a talk on the mythical king of the middle ages, Prester John.

Westminster Q&A

A designer's response to the Questions and Answers of the Westminster Shorter Catechism. Ongoing!

Ex Unum, Pluribus!

Designing a better nation-state.

In Vestimentis Ursum

Investigating the ominous robots hidden inside fuzzy toys.

Samuel Johnson's Essays

Samuel Johnson wrote some killer blog posts 260 years ago, but he published them in a newspaper. I'm helping him do it right this time.

The Pleasuredome

My dumb design & illustration playground-slash-graveyard. Named after Coleridge, of course.

The Googly-Eyed Project

Nine bucks at the craft store, hours of fun.

Idle Portraits of Busy Men

There's no grand idea behind these designs - just a few portraits of scientists created in idle hours.